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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Coping with Realities

Reality is the well from which optimism is sometimes allowed to flourish and more often cynical pessimism is nurtured. We are the sum total of our experiences – that’s reality. We see the world through the filtered lenses of that experience and react accordingly.

I read in the paper that the poor lost housing vouchers, mental health services; Feds sent nuclear trash to Hanford; Iraqi war based on false data; death tolls rising and chaos reigns. America losing status due to AIDS policy, response to Sudan crisis, no bid contracts; refusal to share documents; torture and missing prisoners; dying from obesity while millions starve worldwide.

America is a work in progress and has need of the responsibility to stop and assess our directions and actions and “make corrections”. Because we have done that in the past is what made us a great nation. We are at the cross roads again.

It is the hard realities reaching into our community and nation that will influence our vote. We will vote a gut instinct to change America’s course and agenda because our current reality is tearing us apart as a nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about a lot but what are we supposed to do in the Sudan? INVADE A SOVERIGN COUNTRY? kill more brown people?

7:12 PM  

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