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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thank you Justin

Hi, i am very impressed with your story. I am a 19 yr old student in Georgia who has lost a sense of value in the flag with 911 due to constant overexposure. I really felt that it was demeaning how you can go to a truckstop and find an american flag even in the restroom, but with your story of protest, i can almost remember what its there for. It's also painful to hear the negative response that you recieved.It really goes to show how we can act so irrational at war time. But thank you for the reminder. - Justin

Thank you, Justin from Georgia. Your words give me hope to keep writing from the heart. I write because I must....but I didn't know if anyone was listening. You gave me a gift.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I burned my flag when they passed the flag burning amendment

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Anonymous Walter said...


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