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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We can prepare to leave - Ian Graham

Don't ya just love common sense when you hear it? This is one of those times and I am pleased to share the following commentaries...Val

I remember sitting in the control room of the college radio and hearing the bells go off on the wire machines. One after another they rang a rare drumbeat of five bells. . . the code for the death of a president, or of a nation. This was the night of the final fall of Saigon.

Outside, demonstrators marched proclaiming that we had a duty to stay until the "mission" was accomplished. Only no one could agree anymore what that mission was.

30 years later, I hear the same talk. Over a year after being draped in the flag on a carrier and declaring "mission accomplished" -Bush says this week that we must stay until the mission is accomplished. Only now no one can agree on what that mission is.

You are so correct. It is time for Operation Homecoming. It is time for America to realize that we have created our enemies best recruiting tool. It's time to bring the troops home.

You asked earlier How Much is Enough. I don't know. It is pretty evident we've had more than enough already though.


I agree that "pull out and go now" is NOT the answer.

We should establish clear metrics for what conditions we WILL leave under. X numbers of troops trained, elections and constitution in place, etc.

We can also improve the situation internationally AND in Iraq by pledging PUBLICLY and NOW that we will under no circumstances have permanent bases in Iraq.

We can at least do THAT much.

Ian Graham


Anonymous Anonymous said...

permanent bases are nothing more than a way to subjegate brown people

we should pull out of japan and german and korea and england and italy and all of them too before its too late and the soldiers rape and pillage our faithful allies

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Walter said...

Germans aren't brown

9:52 AM  

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