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Monday, July 11, 2005

Democrats have a Sense of Humor

Ever notice how optimists and humorists tend to be Democrats? I think it is a left-brained thing...the side that does not see everything in black and white. We see possibilities...solutions...and are ever hopeful that...sharing common resources...we can make life better in this world.

We can say “Oops!... Sorry! ...learn from our mistakes...and have another go at the problem...wiser for the experience.

I swear that a sense of humor makes common sense possible.

Common sense requires a balanced and even outlook on life. The only benefit of extremist stands is that they do get the attention of voters. Do those stances hold realistic answers for problems? I don’t think so... (left or right!).

A sense of humor requires the ability to look at the world (and ourselves) from all angles. It encourages looking at all the possibilities, thus the ability to be a problem solver.

A sense of humor results in flexibility and freedom of choice. The funny bone gives a defense against the stress of life...a way to keep equilibrium.

It gives patience to cope with the inane and insane. Without it...there is no joy and laughter...only the taking of one’s self and one’s issues entirely too seriously. With it...there is the balance that leads to common sense.

Hang in there....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't quite get how if democrats are all optimists why we're the only ones that notice crisises, the republicans keep wobbling along saying all is well and blah blah blah while bad things happen everywhere around them, what do we call them, empty headed?

10:21 AM  
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