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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why I am a Democrat - Ed Meadows

I am most comfortable among Democrats. I have Republican friends, but when I am with them, I sense strange vibes, sorta like with extraterrestrials, you know?

Because I was raised as a Democrat, I have that mind-set that often irritates Republicans.

Like when a very conservative lady asked me my opinion on abortion. I told her I support a woman’s right to choose. Well, she went ballistic.

In an effort to soothe her ruffled feelings, I further explained, “I not only believe in a woman’s right to have an abortion, I think that retroactive abortions are sometimes called for.” The lady turned purple, called me Hitler and never spoke to me again. Republicans take themselves too seriously.

Whenever I tell a Republican of the many good things that were made possible by Democrats and that we all take for granted, I’m usually presented with the argument that these “so-called benefits” smack of Socialism and aren’t really good for us. Minimum Wage, The GI Bill, V.A. home loans, Social Security and Medicare are Socialistic and bad for us? “Yep”, they say. Republicans don’t have a firm grip on reality.

Sometimes I commit a faux pas and imply to Republicans that welfare is not always a bad thing. They bristle and tell me that welfare will be the ruination of this country. They seem to think that things were much better under Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon, and of course that Academy Award recipient, Ronald Reagan. What? Reagan never won an Academy Award? Well, he should have, for his greatest role, portraying an American President.

Let’s face it. Republicans are just not very interesting people. That’s not true of Democrats. We’re often strange, but seldom dull!

George Santayana told us “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (Republicans don’t seem to have a sense of history.)

You be the judge.


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republicas hate the poor and want to keep them down esepcially the brown ones

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Are you the same Ed Meadows that went to Stonybrook?

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