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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Understanding Liberal

After checking out my handy dandy thesaurus (Reader's Digest Family Word Finder), I think "liberal" rocks....count me in!

I found that the antonym (opposite meaning) nails down those who use 'liberal' as a dirty word.

If your head is nodding after reading this...you, my friend.. are a liberal!

1. progressive, reformist, advanced, freethinking; civil libertarian, latitudinarian; left-wing
2. fair-minded, open-minded, broad-minded, tolerant, forbearing, magnanimous, un-bigoted, unprejudiced, unbiased, impartial; enlightened, humanitarian.
3. abundant, generous, openhanded, unsparing, bounteous, bountiful, handsome, munificent, unstinting, plenteous, ample.
4. lenient, broad, unrigorous, not strict, flexible, tolerant, open to reason, not literal.
5. progressive, reformer, latitudinarian, libertarian, left-winger, leftist.

1. conservative, reactionary, right-wing.
2. intolerant, narrow, bigoted, biased, prejudiced, provincial, limited.
3. skimpy, inadequate, small, cheap
4. strict, unbending, fixed, inflexible, rigid, literal.
5. conservative, reactionary, right-winger.

From Val's Desk....March 3, 2005