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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tired of Being Jerked Around

I feel like I have been jerked around for about three years now...and that I am living in a Pavlovian nightmare. I look around and there are my friends and neighbors also saluting, bowing, nodding acquiescence to demands they normally would reject.

After 9-11, it was unpatriotic to question the President....it was un-American to question a pre-emptive war against a country that had done nothing to us. How could you challenge any decision wrapped in our Flag? The ends began to justify the means....and mostly we only discovered those (torture) by accident. We (questioners) were beaten up with the words we hold dear...We were manipulated by our horror and pain....We were defeated in spite of world wide opinion that agreed with our reluctance to wreak havoc and instability, destroy homes and infrastructure, and kill innocent people in another country.

Enough! I lay responsibility for the unnecessary deaths of 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children, the maiming of 16,000 armed forces personnel and the 1500 deaths of our sons and daughters in a war that didn’t have to be ...directly at the door of the White House and those who voted in lockstep with this decision.

I lay responsibility for the huge unnecessary financial costs of this war and it’s disruption of lives in both countries on Bush’s door.

I hold accountable, the Republican Party for trashing our world wide reputation and relationships, blowing our financial surplus, running up the largest deficit in history, and supporting those resolutions that allow “Big Business” to access any and all resources in this country without limitations. And now they are after access to Social Security monies.

How did it come about that we privatized parts of our military forces? How is it in the interests of national security to outsource our ability to mine and manufacture resources needed to maintain a strong defense? How moral is it to make the provision of health service insurance a for- profit business? Since when is profit more important than access to a basic need?

How moral is it to cut taxes for the richest in our country and cut services and subsidies to the poorest?