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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Less rhetoric...more intelligent action

Re: Thomas Sowell’s article... “Peace rhetoric brings real war”

Empty rhetoric on any issue won’t solve problems. Neither will pre-emptive war strikes on a country that will not bow and scrape. Rock-hard religious morality stances will not bring about progress...only dead bodies and eternal feuds. Greed and conspicuous consumption infringe on moral stances that would honor and support the needs of our human race upon this earth.

How did our world get to be such a “dumbed down place”? What happened to diplomacy, arbitration, mediation, tact, respect, cordiality, attentive listening, civilized behavior, discipline, respect for law, patience and listening to the concerns of the other side? Could we find solutions without having to murder innocent people who get in the way?

Power alone...with all its wealth, weapons and armies only make things worse when we do not pay attention to the root causes of dissent and war.

When do justice, common sense, creativity, fairness, and use of resources come into play? When do we focus on mankind’s need for food, water, shelter, jobs, medical care, education, religious freedoms and a homeland? Could we work on those issues instead of bombing the hell out of our world?

Less rhetoric....more intelligent action!